The Beginning
Beat Route Jam
Making the first beats wasn’t easy but it was their dream..
Peterson Gomes, a self-taught bassist and talented musician, always had a vision of making a change in the Goan music scene. Finally, in 2013, he gathered together a small group of versatile and gifted musicians who shared the same passion for music. They collectively decided to carry out this dream of creating the best band in Goa. Their plan was simply to perform good music that was filled with energy, passion and unique styles. And so, ‘Beat Route Jam’ was born.
There was nothing more important than music…
Despite being newly established, it wasn’t long before the group formed a close bond. Each member of the band has a great sense of beat and a keen ear for music. Their 5 member ensemble performs various genres of music and caters to all types of events. Over the years, they have travelled to numerous states across India as well as overseas to other Countries.

One Band

One Sound

Peterson Gomes

Bass and Vocals

As a young boy, Peterson loved listening to music, but his real immense passion for music started at the age of 18. Intrigued and inspired by the music concerts on TV, he began to learn to play the bass guitar on his own. His love for music made him explore various options in the music business – from working as a Recording Engineer in Goa to performing in a number of bands in Goa, Delhi and other states of India as well as performances abroad. Ever since he started his career in the music industry, he imagined techniques of changing the ways things were in the Goan music world. In 2013, he decided to follow his own dream and formed ‘Beat Route Jam’

This talented musician and self-taught bassist from Carmona Goa, does exactly what a bass player is supposed to do in a band – “Keep the Groove!” His simply rare choices of notes, tone, technique and feel is what defines his own unique and melodic style.

Silvia Fernandes

Vocals and Flute

Definitely not a newbie to the music scene, Silvia has been on the band circuit for the past two decades. Music being her first love, she started her career at a very young age on various music albums and rendering her voice as a playback singer for many movies. Her most recent contribution to the music industry is her original Album titled ‘Unmasked’.

Her vast experiences include extensive nationwide touring that covers places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mangalore, Chandigarh, Indore, Udaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Daman; besides international performances in Singapore, China, Macao, Croatia and Kuwait. As a solo artist, she has been featured to play as an opening act for a number of international artists who have performed in India, like SHAGGY, OTTAWAN, KAOMA, SHREYA GOSHAL and ERIC MARTIN (the voice of MR BIG).

You can call her the ‘whole package’ – an incredible singer and flutist, a talented lyricist and composer, a beautiful model and actress – what more can one ask for? She believes in versatility and perfection, adding her own bit of flair and charm to the band.

Desmond Silva


While growing up, Desmond was introduced to music by a close relative. In the beginning, he was not too keen with the idea, but once he started to understand music – he was hooked on to it. His interest in music developed and he began to pay more attention on improving his skills. He began participating in various musical competitions, as a solo performer as well as accompanying other artists for their recitals.

Specialized in providing harmonic accompaniment to the melodic components of a song, this brilliant keyboardist has an excellent understanding of the appropriate chord qualities to play the right voicing or inversion. He plays the chords with the right texture and is well versed in a variety of comping styles, vamping patterns etc. adding colours to the song by using his creativity and creating an atmosphere that suits the music.

Shayne Rodrigues


Shayne started his musical journey by learning the keyboard. Although he had a strong passion for music, this instrument could not hold his attention for long.  One fine day, he requested his father to buy him a drum set. The minute he sat behind the kit, he knew he had found his perfect place. He started drumming in 2010, collecting many laurels and accolades over the years. Besides winning several inter-school / higher secondary and college level band competitions, he has also stood 1st in the Directorate of Art and Culture All Goa Level Drum Competition (2015-16)

As an excellent drummer, he does more than just keep time for the band. His ability to keep perfect steady groove, in turn helps the rest of the band to have a sense of security, thus improving each member’s performance. His taste for various genres of music is prominent in his contribution to the band.

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